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ColorBlynd by Noni

I am an artist, who is grounded in her experiences as a Black woman. I spotlight my Black experience in America, covering its challenges, oppressions, and vibrant culture. My goal is to foster empathy, understanding, dialogue, and solidarity.

Featuring a compilation of 20 new paintings, Noni's creations promises an introspective journey into her psyche. Every stroke narrates profound tales and struggles, reflecting the vibrant mosaic of Black culture. Through her work, Noni aspires to pay tribute to, challenge, and celebrate perceptions surrounding Black America.

Tribal Hope
Tribal Ahead

Blossomed by my Grands.
Driven by passion.
Seized by oppression.
Released by creation.
Enthralled with expression.
Entranced by Black culture.
Provoked by trauma.
Saturated with emotion.
Fueled by compulsion.
Consumed with beauty & blindsided by inspiration.
Step into my creative MIND. 
These are the colors I SEE.

~ Noni


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"My life's tapestry, being a designer, creative maker, and a Black woman raised by deaf parents with English as my second language, and family at my heart, are the threads that are the foundation of my art. Discovering I have red-green colorblindness, in my thirties, added an interesting weft to my tapestry. 


My art doesn't just convey color, but the rich complexity of my ethnicity and experiences. Bold hues, textures, and shapes have become my voice." ~ Noni

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