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Noni London Train

Noni's 2020 Origin Portfolio

Explore the "2020 Origin" portfolio, where my artistic journey began amidst the solitude of the Covid-19 shutdown. This collection, crafted exclusively on 16x20 canvas paper using Posca acrylic paint pens, showcases 122 paintings created in just 183 days. Each piece reflects a transformative period of my life, where art served as both a healing mechanism and a form of personal expression during recovery from a severe bout of COVID-19.

The journey into art started unexpectedly when I walked into Joann Fabrics, searching for a way to create a heartfelt painting for my grandchild, TorTor. I needed vibrant colors that wouldn't require the hassle of multiple layers. When introduced to Posca pens—markers used on rocks—I found the solution. These pens brought the vibrant images in my mind to life, capturing the joy and spirit I wanted to share with my grandchildren.

Inspired by the pots I had once painted in London, I crafted a piece featuring a butterfly and flowers for TorTor, marking the start of many more creations. As my relationship with art deepened, it became my solace and source of expression. Art poured out of me, helping to mend my heart and release pent-up emotions. This outpouring not only created a path for healing but also led to the birth of ColorBlynd by Noni.

Discover the raw, emotional beginnings of my artistic expression, filled with vibrant colors and dynamic compositions that speak to the resilience and power of creativity. Through art, I navigated the heartbreak and uncertainty of the pandemic, finding a powerful gift that has profoundly touched my soul.

Noni Hopeful_edited.jpg

Believe in Yourself

It took me 55 years but I finally believe completely me. I am thankful for believing I could do anything, including becoming an artist during a pandemic. I am thankful for the hard work to learn and push myself further in my art. You can do anything no matter what, please learn that from me. ~ Noni. #colorblyndbynoni #believeinyourself

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