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Noni London Train

July 1, 2020

How It Began

The world had shut down. Everyone was sheltering in place. My international relationship was in pieces. Typical distractions like hanging out with friends or going out were nonexistent. I needed something to do. I needed a distraction. 

I walked into Joann Fabrics looking for canvas and Sharpie pens to create a painting for my grand, TorTor. I inquired if there was vibrant acrylic paint without multiple layers. The clerk said no but mentioned markers folks use on rocks. I purchased my items, two Posca pens, and found joy. The Posca pen colors were vibrant bringing to life what I had in my mind. I created the piece for her using a butterfly and flowers, in memory of the pots I painted in London. 

I went back and purchased every color I could find. I never pushed my sketching because there was not a medium that would give me such vibrance within a quick time frame. Posca acrylic paint pens did. 

As my heart mended, art therapy became my companion. I was sketching and completing paintings daily. Often sketching 2-5 pictures in 24 hours. Art poured out of me. Releasing pent-up emotions without imploding. ColorBlynd by Noni was born. Out of the pain of heartbreak and the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, I was given a powerful gift that has touched my soul.

Noni Hopeful_edited.jpg

Believe in Yourself

It took me 55 years but I finally believe completely me. I am thankful for believing I could do anything, including becoming an artist during a pandemic. I am thankful for the hard work to learn and push myself further in my art. You can do anything no matter what, please learn that from me. ~ Noni. #colorblyndbynoni #believeinyourself

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