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Bubble Me

Noni's Bio

Mixed media artist, Beverly Katrece Avery, known as Noni, discovered her passion for painting when using her art as therapy to get her through a broken heart and the isolation of the Covid shutdown in 2020. In the beginning, she painted day and night.

Her first paintings were for her grandchildren, she signed them, Noni, and her signature was born. While she has always been creative, her interest in fashion and interior design, how things are put together, and more is the foundation for the evolution of her art. 

She focuses on being Black in America. Noni communicates the complexity of their journeys through color, texture, and shapes. Her parents were deaf, and as a result, English is her second language which explains her ability to convey vividly so much in her art.

Noni is a Black, queer, color-blind woman with a strong sense of community. She has four adult children and five grandchildren. 

Noni's unique signature process uses drywall powder, acrylic, and oil paints to create stunning multi-dimensional works of art.

My Beautiful Grands

Beyond blessed to be Noni 6.0


Thru My Eyes Art Exhibition Glimpse and Shout Outs

Shortened clip from Saturday, November 11, 2023

Step into
to my ColorBlynd Mind

These are the colors I see

"Art was a beautiful distraction. It became my therapy."

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