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Welcome to the Art Portfolio of ColorBlynd by Noni

Discover the journey of a visionary mixed media artist whose unique perspective and innovative techniques capture the spirit of resilience and the beauty of identity. Noni's portfolio spans from her origin works in 2020 to the present, each year encapsulating a distinct phase of her artistic evolution.

You are invited to begin with "2020 Origin" to experience the raw, emotional beginnings of her journey, sparked during a time of solitude and introspection. Progress through the subsequent years to witness the development of her signature style, where the complexities of Black American experiences are vividly conveyed through innovative uses of color, texture, and form.

Each piece is more than just an artwork; it is a story told through the eyes of an artist who sees the world in unique hues, shaped by her experiences as a Black, color-blind woman raised in a deaf community. Immerse yourself in transformative works that challenge and inspire by exploring the portfolios.

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